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Configuration VLAN Voice and VLAN Data on Cisco

Hello everyone, in  previous tutorial i have discuss about configuration voip on cisco packet tracer. and in this tutorial I would like to discuss about configuration vlan voice and vlan data. Vlan voice are used for voip traffic while vlan data are used for general traffic. This is the topology are used : For voip

Basic Configuration VoIP on Cisco Packet Tracer

Hello everyone, in this tutorial I’ll discuss about how to configuration VoIP on Cisco Packet tracer. This is topology that will used on.   In this lab we will use the following devices : Router 2811 Switch  IP Phone 7960 Configuration Router First step we will configure the router as the following Enable interfaces :

How To Configure VTP (Vlan Trunking Protocol) on Switch Cisco

In the preceding article we have discuss theory about VTP, and in this article I will to discuss how to configuration vtp on switch cisco. The following is the topology are used : As the shown topologi above, we will configure on SW-CORE as VTP Server, SW1 and SW3 as VTP Client and then SW2

VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP) Cisco

VTP or VLAN Trunking Protocol is a cisco proprietary protocol that usefull for reduce the administration in vlan configuration. when you configure vlan on VTP Server, there vlan will distributed through all switches in the domain and it’s reduced to configure the same VLAN at everywhere.  VTP are available on most of the cisco Catalyst

Configure Port Security on Cisco Switch

In this tutorial I’ll discuss about port security on cisco switch.  Port security is a mecanism to secure port switch layer 2 which allows for limitation device that connect to these port based on mac address filters. So that unauthorized device can’t used the port that enables the port security. When device try to connect

Configuration Intervlan routing on Switch Layer 3 Cisco

Hello everyone, in this tutorial I’ll discuss about how to configuration intervlan routing on Switch layer 3.  Before I have discuss about intervlan routing on router device There is a slight difference for the configuration between router and switch L3. The following is the topologi are used : And the following is step by

How To Install and Configure Apache2 webserver (httpd) on Centos 8

Hello everyone, in this tutorial I’ll discuss about how to install and configuration of httpd webserver on linux centos 8. I used ip address for this server. First install httpd packages on your system [root@server1 ~]# yum install httpd   Set enabled and start httpd service [root@server1 ~]# systemctl enable –now httpd   Configure

How To Install and Configure DNS Server on Linux Centos 7

DNS Server is the service that used for domain translation server for translate the domain become ip address and vice versa. In this tutorial I’ll discuss about how to DNS server configuration on linux Centos 7.  For this article I’ll use ip address for the dns server network for client network. First make

How To Configure Load Balancing web server using HAProxy

HAProxy  (High Availability Proxy) is a Open source software for TCP/HTTP Loadbalancing and proxying solution that can be run in linux, macos and freeBSD.  HAProxy is used for improve performance and reliability of server that distributing the workload into multiple server. There are the topology are used : Make sure you’re have configured ip address

How To Configuration sudo access for regular user (Interactive root shell) in Linux system

When you use linux system and you have user or new user, sometimes you need to run command that’s need to root permissions or you need to access root. Usually you can use sudo at first command and sudo -i  to move from regular user to root. But when you try to access with sudo command and