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Month: December 2020

VLAN Tag Stacking on Mikrotik

On the previously of article (How To Configure VLAN on Mikrotik ), I’m have explained about how to configure vlan and on this article I’ll to explain vlan tag stacking. Tag stacking that are method used for makes or running vlan in another vlan (vlan tag package above vlan tag before regardless type of vlan

How To Configure VLAN on Mikrotik

VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) is a featur that can be used for create some virtual lan in one physical interface. Most using in cloud service, ISP or to purpose network path separation in one physical switch device, Configure wireless/Capsman and much more. vlan have a limitation only until 4096 vlan interface. Have some terms

How To Configure Network Manually on Linux CentOS/RedHat

When you build a server based on linux, of course you must configure the network fist for connecting the server to network/internet and that server should be able for reached by client in other network. In this tutorial, I’ll Explain to you about Basic configuration Network Manually on Linux CentOS/RedHat. The following topologi which are

How To Configure Static Routing 3 Routers On Mikrotik

In Preceding tutorial, I have discussed about basic configuration and concept of static routing and in this tutorial I will explain about static routing concept using 3 routers. for doing static routing using 3 router have same concept with static routing 2 router, and  you must do routing for all network which’s owned by each

Introduction Static routing concept and configuration on Mikrotik

INTRODUCTION Routing on the network is a way used to do for exchages data packets  between different networks. running on layer 3 (network layer) which run on router device. Routing is divided into two, namely is  static routing and dynamic routing. In this tutorial i will explain about static routing concept and implementation on Mikrotik.

How To Install Ubuntu Server 16.04 in Virtualbox

Hello Everyone, in this tutorial i will to share how to install ubuntu server using virtualbox. This useful to exercise for you which begin learning ubuntu server. Ok let’s try for step by step installation of ubuntu server. First make sure you has been to create virtual machine for running ubuntu server.   In This