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Month: September 2022

How To Configure Load Balancing web server using HAProxy

HAProxy  (High Availability Proxy) is a Open source software for TCP/HTTP Loadbalancing and proxying solution that can be run in linux, macos and freeBSD.  HAProxy is used for improve performance and reliability of server that distributing the workload into multiple server. There are the topology are used : Make sure you’re have configured ip address

How To Configuration sudo access for regular user (Interactive root shell) in Linux system

When you use linux system and you have user or new user, sometimes you need to run command that’s need to root permissions or you need to access root. Usually you can use sudo at first command and sudo -i  to move from regular user to root. But when you try to access with sudo command and

Create And Manage New User/Group on Linux

In this tutorial I’ll discuss about user and group management on linux. When you using linux operating system you must know to manage user and group on your system. In linux system user and group has unique id. For user it called as UID (User ID) and for group is GID (Group ID). UID has

How To Secure NGINX Webserver with Let’s Encrypt on Ubuntu server 20.04

Hello everyone, in this tutorial I’ll discuss about how to configuration secure nginx webserver (https) using let’s encrypt on ubuntu 20.04.  Let’s encrypt is a Certificate Authority (CA) that provides easy way to obtain and install SSL Certificate as free on your website. Configuration Let’s Encrypt using certbot and for do this you must have