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How To Configure Load Balancing web server using HAProxy

HAProxy  (High Availability Proxy) is a Open source software for TCP/HTTP Loadbalancing and proxying solution that can be run in linux, macos and freeBSD.  HAProxy is used for improve performance and reliability of server that distributing the workload into multiple server.

There are the topology are used :

Make sure you’re have configured ip address on each servers.

Install the Haproxy service on haproxy server :

root@HAProxy:~# apt-get install haproxy


Configure web server on WEB1 and WEB2.

root@WEB1:~# echo "THIS IS WEB1" > /var/www/html/index.html
root@WEB2:~# echo "THIS IS WEB2" > /var/www/html/index.html


And then Configure on HaProxy server . Do the configuration at /etc/haproxy/haproxy.cfg

Setting on defaults section like this :

timeout connect 5s
timeout client 10s
timeout server 10s


Add the Frontend and Backend Configuration in the bottom section.

frontend MySV
        bind *:80
        mode http
        default_backend myBC

backend myBC
        balance roundrobin
        server server1 check
        server server2 check

Then restart the haproxy service :

root@HAProxy:~# systemctl restart haproxy


After that, do the test on your client :

First access :

Second access :





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