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Spanning Tree Protocol (Root, Designated, Alternate Port)

Hello everyone, in previous article I have discuss about Spanning Tree Root Bridge.  And in this article I’ll continue to discuss about Spanning Tree Protocol for Root Port, Designated port and Alternate port. Root Port After the root bridge has been determined, the STA algoritm is used to select the root port. Every non root

Spanning Tree Protocol – Root Bridge

Hello Everyone,  in this article we’ll discuss about root bridge on spanning tree protocol. Root bridge are used for reference point for all path calculations on STP. So All of switch that connected are select layer 2 connection to the root bridge.  Switch exchange BPDUs to build loop-free topology is beginning with selecting a Root

Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) Concept

Hello Everyone, in this article I’ll discuss about STP. What is STP ? Spanning Tree Protocol is a Loop-prevention network protocol that allows for redudancy while create a loop-free Layer 2 topology. STP logically block the physical loops in the layer network to preventing frame from cirling the network forvefer. Impact from loops it will

DTP (Dynamic Trunking Protocol) | DTP Overview

DTP (Dynamic Trunking Protocol) is a Cisco Proprietary Protocol. DTP allows to switch devices select switchport mode (access or trunk) when connected to other switch. DTP has some characteristic as the following : is ON by default on Catalyst 2960 and 2950 switch series. For dynamic-auto is on by default on catalyst 2960 and 2950.

What is VLAN ? VLAN Overview

Hello Everyone, In this article I’ll discuss about VLAN. What is Vlans ? Vlan are Virtual Local Area Network.It is logical connections with other similar devices. When we placing device into vlan network, they are have the following characterictics : It provides segmentation of the various groups of devices on the same switch. It provides

Configuration VLAN Voice and VLAN Data on Cisco

Hello everyone, in  previous tutorial i have discuss about configuration voip on cisco packet tracer. and in this tutorial I would like to discuss about configuration vlan voice and vlan data. Vlan voice are used for voip traffic while vlan data are used for general traffic. This is the topology are used : For voip

Basic Configuration VoIP on Cisco Packet Tracer

Hello everyone, in this tutorial I’ll discuss about how to configuration VoIP on Cisco Packet tracer. This is topology that will used on.   In this lab we will use the following devices : Router 2811 Switch  IP Phone 7960 Configuration Router First step we will configure the router as the following Enable interfaces :

How To Configure VTP (Vlan Trunking Protocol) on Switch Cisco

In the preceding article we have discuss theory about VTP, and in this article I will to discuss how to configuration vtp on switch cisco. The following is the topology are used : As the shown topologi above, we will configure on SW-CORE as VTP Server, SW1 and SW3 as VTP Client and then SW2

VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP) Cisco

VTP or VLAN Trunking Protocol is a cisco proprietary protocol that usefull for reduce the administration in vlan configuration. when you configure vlan on VTP Server, there vlan will distributed through all switches in the domain and it’s reduced to configure the same VLAN at everywhere.  VTP are available on most of the cisco Catalyst

Configure Port Security on Cisco Switch

In this tutorial I’ll discuss about port security on cisco switch.  Port security is a mecanism to secure port switch layer 2 which allows for limitation device that connect to these port based on mac address filters. So that unauthorized device can’t used the port that enables the port security. When device try to connect