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Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) Concept

Hello Everyone, in this article I’ll discuss about STP. What is STP ? Spanning Tree Protocol is a Loop-prevention network protocol that allows for redudancy while create a loop-free Layer 2 topology. STP logically block the physical loops in the layer network to preventing frame from cirling the network forvefer. Impact from loops it will

Configuration VLAN on Mikrotik Router and Cisco Switch

In this tutorial I’ll discuss about configuration vlan with different device vendors.  Is it Can ? Is it Work ?? let’s discuss it.  Here I’ll use Mikrotik Router Device and Cisco Switch and for configure the lab I use PNETLab that has been installed the mikrotik chr and cisco IOS L2 images.  You can also

How To Configure OSPF LoadBalancing on Mikrotik

In this tutorial I’ll discuss about how to configuration of OSPF LoadBalancing. is case will be use when you have more than one network path that running ospf and you want to doing loadbalancing. There is the topologi that are use for this tutorial : As you know selection ospf best path with cost value

How To Configure Multi Area OSPF in Mikrotik

In preceding tutorial I have discuss about how to configure single area ospf and now we will to discuss about configure multi area ospf. for the configuration are not too different with single area, but in multi area we must add new area for regular area with unique area id. So that when configuration of

How To Configure OSPF Single Area in Mikrotik

In This tutorial I’ll discuss about configuration ospf single area in mikrotik routeros. for configuration ospf single area we only need to use backbone area (area0) so that we no need add a new area and at this tutorial I use routeros v6.x. The following topologi area used for this lab :   Configuration IP

Routing OSPF DR & BDR on Mikrotik

On the routing ospf configuration, every router which running ospf routing protocol will try to do adjacency with the neighbor routers. Of course it will be a problem when there are many routers in one network that running routing protocol ospf as the following topologi : as the shown in the topologi above, routing protocol

Basic Configuration OSPF on Mikrotik

In this tutorial I’ll discuss about how to configuration ospf routing protocol in mikrotik. and for this lab I’ll use routeros version 6.x.  Here’s the topologi for this lab : R1 IP Configuration  : [admin@MikroTik] > system identity set name=R1 [admin@R1] > ip address add address= interface=ether1 [admin@R1] > interface bridge add name=LO [admin@R1] >

Configure Multiple webserver in Single IP with HaProxy (linux ubuntu) and Mikrotik

Hello everyone, In this tutorial I’ll discuss about configuration multiple webserver in single ip.  when you have more than one webserver  and you want both webserver can be access from network in public area you can solved those problem with haproxy and mikrotik. In the following are topologi used for this tutorial.  For this lab

Freeradius Integration for Hotspot user Mikrotik (Ubuntu server 16.04)

Hello everyone, in this tutorial I’ll discuss about hotspot integration with freeradius. Freeradius is a opensource software that can used for server authentication and support for mikrotik.  for this tutorial I’m using ubuntu server 16.04 for radius server. This is topologi are used First you must doing default configuration on mikrotik so that the router

Configuration Router ID in OSPF routing Mikrotik

When you configure ospf route,  every router certainly create the routerID (RID) for each the routers. The router id using for unique identity number in ospf network. ospf router id using 32bit number format like ip address.  The selection of router id is doing manually if you configure router id in ospf configuration. but if