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How To Configuration DNS Server on Cisco packet tracer

DNS (Domain Name Service) is a service that used to make changes domain address becomes ip address and vice versa. For example when you access the website you will call domain address where those domain will be translate to ip address of google server by DNS Server. The ilustrated as the following image :

OSPF Router Types

Hello everyone, in this tutorial I’ll discuss about types of router and role of router in ospf routing protocol. before we discuss it, we need to known about AS (Autonomous System) it’s a combination of several network that have same configuration, same routing policy and it’s own by one organization or one network operator. when


Hello everyone, in this tutorial I’ll discuss about ospf area. ospf work with area if we have too many router that running ospf we can divide into several areas. The purpose of area to reduce LSA (Link State Advertisement) deployment on each ospf routers so that the router will only send the LSA to the

OSPF Introduction

In this tutorial I’ll discuss about OSPF (Open Shortest Path First). What is this ? And what is it for ? đŸ˜€ OSPF is a dynamic routing protocol capable of maintaining, managing and distribute routing information between networks although that networks can be change dynamically. OSPF including type of IGP (Interior Gateway Protocol) that has

How To Divide Subnet/IP Address using VLSM method

In this tutorial, I’ll discuss about how to divide a network segment or ip with the vlsm method.  VLSM (Varialbe Length Subnet Mask) that are method to divide one ip network to some network segment with different needs and uses on different number of client for each network. for the example on your network, you’re

Introduction Of Dynamic Routing Protocol

In preceding tutorial I’m has been explain about Static Routing , and then I’ll explain about dynamic routing protocol. Different with static routing that are do configuration manually, on dynamic routing the configuration in a manner automatically.  This configuration useful if your network have become to bigger network that are has a more of router. In