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Month: April 2024

Initial Setup Cisco WLC 3504 Cisco PaketTracer

Hello everyone. in this tutorial I’ll explain about initial setup of Cisco wireless controller with simulator cisco packet tracer. In this tutorial is aims to understand about the concept of initial setup cisco wireless controller. Here’s the topology are used : The default ip of wlc is so you need to configure ip address

Spanning Tree (STP) Root Guard

When we implement layer 2 network, the standard STP doesn’t provide protection to change root bridge when there are one switch or connection port is down. Root bridge also can be change when bridge network received superior BPDU’s and change root bridge to undesired switch. To solved the problem we can implement a root guard.

How to remote Devices inside NATed Network

When you are as a network engineer that you will have to access your devices but you’re connection only have one public address on router and other devices are NATed inside the router. How can we access it ? In this tutorial I’ll expain how to do that. we can use static nat with custom