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How to fix error booting to emergency mode in linux redhat/centos

When you using the linux system, probably you’re ever experience error booting and as automatically enter in the emergency mode.  those issues could occur when you as accidentally wrong setup for mounting partition in /etc/fstab so that error resulting when boot as shown in image bellow : for fix the problem,  if you has already

Resetting root password in linux Centos/Redhat

When you using linux redhat or centos operating system and you forgot the user password, you can reset those user password through the root system. But How if you forgot the root password ? the only ways you can reset the root password through emergency mode. In this tutorial I’ll discuss to you about how

Configure custom http directory for webserver in linux CentOS/Redhat

In this tutorial I’ll discuss about how to configuratin custom directory for web server in linux centos/redhat. when you configure webserver, the default directory are contained on /var/www/html. you can setup custom directory if you do not want the webserver directory have in /var/www/html. But all process and files in linux centos/redhat are labeled by

Configuration SElinux Mode in linux centos/redhat

When you do configure system in linux centos or redhat, it’s have the SElinux that are provided the critical security purpose for the system. The Selinux will be permit or denying access to files or other content  significantly more than the user permissions.  For the example if you configure the http web server with custom

How To Optimize System performance in Linux Centos/Redhat

Hello everyone, in this tutorial I’ll discuss about how to optimize system performance in linux centos or redhat.  we can optimize system with adjusting various device based on use of workload with do configure tunning profile in your system. Installing package : # yum install tuned Enable tuned package : # systemctl enable –now tuned

How To Configure ACL (Access Control List) in Linux Centos/RedHat

When you using linux system with single user, the standard linux permission may be enough for use in working daily. But if the linux system is used by multiple user, you must have a right permission for securely access share directories or files.  For that, you can use ACL (Access Control List) in your system

How To Configure autostart container host with user system

In this tutorial I’ll explain about configure autostart for container host so that those container can start automatically when the system power on with creating systemd user unit files. With use of user service can be start container automatically when you open first session throught CLI or GUI and stop the service when session close

Configure Persistent Storage Database server for container host in Linux Redhat/CentOS

In preceding tutorial I’m has been discuss about Configure Persistent Storage web server for container host in Linux Redhat/CentOS and in this tutorial I will explain about configure persistent storage for database server in container. Fist, create new directory in your home directory named as dbdir. $ mkdir /home/user/dbdir change permission of dbdir directory so that

Configure Persistent Storage web server for container host in Linux Redhat/CentOS

In this tutorial,  I’ll explain about configuration persistent storage webserver on podman container host. In preceding tutorial i’m has been to discuss about How To configure web server with container on Linux CentOS/RedHat with default storage. For configure persistent storage, create new directory in home directory. Add new file index.html that containing Text for testing

How To running Database server with container on linux CentOS/RedHat

In this tutorial, I’ll explain step by step about configuration for running database server on container in linux centos/redhat. For can use the mysql command, make sure the mysql packages have installed in your system. If not installed, you can install first $ sudo yum install mysql -y As usually before you pull/download images from