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Configuration Basic Routing RIP on Mikrotik

Hello Everyone, in this tutorial I’ll discuss about basic configuration Routing RIP on Mikrotik.  RIP are include in Distance Vector Protocol and had two version that is Rip-v1 and Rip-v2.

The differential between RIP-v1 and RIP-v1 that are RIP-v1 is not support for CIDR and VLSM, running in broadcast network for routing update. While RIP-v2 has been supported for CIDR and VLSM, running in multicast network ( for routing update.

The following topologi which used for this tutorial

Configure IP Address : 

R1 : 

[admin@R1] > ip address add address= interface=ether1

R2 : 

[admin@R2] > ip address add address= interface=ether1
[admin@R2] > ip address add address= interface=ether2

R3 : 

[admin@R3] > ip address add address= interface=ether1


Now check ip route on Router1 , On the shown image bellow on ip route not have routing information for destination to R3

Test ping from R1 to R3

R1 cannot reach R3 because information about R3 not have in routing table in R1.

Do configuration routing RIP for R1,R2, and R3 routing -> RIP menu.


Configuration interfaces for ethernet that running rip and select v2 so that routing exchange using RIP-v2 on each router. And then configure rip network in Networks menu for each router.

R1 : 


R2 : 


R3 : 


After that, check routing table for R1 and R3.

R1 : 

R3 : 

As the showing image above between R1 and R3 is has been to exhange routing information with flag DAr (Dynamic Active RIP) for network that are owned by R1 and R3 each other.

And the last, do test ping from R1 to R2 :

Connection test successfull.  Let’s Try




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