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Introduction Of Dynamic Routing Protocol

In preceding tutorial I’m has been explain about Static Routing , and then I’ll explain about dynamic routing protocol. Different with static routing that are do configuration manually, on dynamic routing the configuration in a manner automatically.  This configuration useful if your network have become to bigger network that are has a more of router.

In The following is the Classification of Dynamic routing protocol :

In Dynamic Routing Protocol have two classification are Interior Gateway Protocols usually are used for routing internal between network which the same owhership in different network addresses and Eksterior Gateway Protocols used for routing eksternal between different network ownership.

For Dynamic Routing Protocols, network administrator only do the less routing configuration on each router, and then the router will be search the best path routed network automatically.


Interior Gateway Protocol 

On IGP have two classification are Distance Vector Protocols and Link State Protocols.  For distance vector routing type based on number hop count router while the Link State based on the cost value or the amount of bandwidth.


Distance Vector Protocol : 

As the Showing Image bellow, if you use distance vector protocol for routing between R1 to R5 best path will be selected via R4 because hop count is less (R1 – R4 – R5) than path (R1 – R2 – R3 – R5).

Link State Protocol : 

Different if you use Link State the routing protocol will be select best path based on number cost value or bandwidth. Which amount is have the smallest cost value, then it will be select for best path As the following image.

As the showing image above, amount cost via R1-R2-R3-R5 is 15 and (R1-R4-R5) is 40 then the best path will be selected via to R2-R3.


Administrative Distance

On routing selection, administrative distance will be use for selection best path if their have two or more different route/routing protocol with the same of destination The following is number for administrative distance each routing protocol.

  • Connected route  : 0
  • Static Route.        : 1
  • OSPF                     : 110
  • RIP                        : 120
  • MME                    : 130
  • iBGP                     : 200
  • eBGP                    : 20

And administravice distance with value of 255 will be rejected by route filter.


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