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VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP) Cisco

VTP or VLAN Trunking Protocol is a cisco proprietary protocol that usefull for reduce the administration in vlan configuration. when you configure vlan on VTP Server, there vlan will distributed through all switches in the domain and it’s reduced to configure the same VLAN at everywhere.  VTP are available on most of the cisco Catalyst

Configure Port Security on Cisco Switch

In this tutorial I’ll discuss about port security on cisco switch.  Port security is a mecanism to secure port switch layer 2 which allows for limitation device that connect to these port based on mac address filters. So that unauthorized device can’t used the port that enables the port security. When device try to connect

Configuration Intervlan routing on Switch Layer 3 Cisco

Hello everyone, in this tutorial I’ll discuss about how to configuration intervlan routing on Switch layer 3.  Before I have discuss about intervlan routing on router device There is a slight difference for the configuration between router and switch L3. The following is the topologi are used : And the following is step by

Configuration VLAN on Mikrotik Router and Cisco Switch

In this tutorial I’ll discuss about configuration vlan with different device vendors.  Is it Can ? Is it Work ?? let’s discuss it.  Here I’ll use Mikrotik Router Device and Cisco Switch and for configure the lab I use PNETLab that has been installed the mikrotik chr and cisco IOS L2 images.  You can also

How To Configuration DHCP Server on Router Cisco

In this tutorial I’ll discuss about how to configuration dhcp server on router cisco packet tracer. That is the router will be serve ip automatically to client. The following is the topologi are used :   Based on the above topology, we will configure two network with dhcp server. Network for and Configure

How To Configure Etherchannel on Switch Cisco

In this tutorial I’ll discuss about how to configure etherchannel on switch cisco. Etherchannel is used to merge multiple physical interface become one logical interface with intention of load sharing and redundancy.  Etherchannel has two protocol that I have discuss at Different PAGP vs LACP Cisco ? The following is the topology : On the topologi

Different PAGP vs LACP Cisco ?

When we configure etherchannel on switch cisco, we will to configure some protocol is pagp and lacp. What different at both ? PAGP (Port Aggregation Protocol) Is a cisco proprietary protocol also known as aggregation protocol. Pagp is allowed to creating etherchannel automatically with exchanging pagp packages between ports.  PAGP has two modes : Auto 

Configuration InterVLAN Routing / Router On Stick on Cisco Packet Tracer

On vlan network, device in one vlan id with another vlan id can’t be connected each other. It can connected with same vlan only.  To can be connected, we can use InterVLAN router. intervlan routing also called as router on stick (ROS).  Requires router device and sub-interface router as their respective network gateways.  Intervlan routing

How To Configuration VLAN Trunk Cisco Packet Tracer

In this tutorial I’ll discuss about how to configuration vlan trunk on  switch cisco packet tracer. Vlan trunk can be carrier multiple vlan, use for point to point connection between two switch, switch and router, switch and server. It can be load multiple vlan connection in one time. The following is the topologi are used

How To Configure Port range VLAN cisco packet tracer

In the preceding tutorial I have discuss about How To Configure VLAN on Cisco Packet Tracer with single port assign. In this tutorial I’ll discuss about configure vlan with range port assign. The topologi are same with previous article : Configure ip address for PC :   Create vlan 10 with name Staff on global